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Disaster Recovery

Protect Your Business From the Unexpected

Complete Disaster Recovery Services

Provided by Maintenance One Performance, Inc.

Maintenance One Disaster Recovery Provides Your Business With

Executionable Plan

Executionable Plan

A customized plan for your business in the event of an emergency. Designed to keep your business running.

Defined Roles

Defined Roles

Your employees are key to your business continuity. We will explore assigning roles for everyone.

Secure Backups

Secure Backups

Your data is safe in the encrypted cloud. Your business can be restored to any location as needed.

Cost of Downtime

Cost of Downtime

When a disaster strikes every minute costs you loss of profits and customers. Our services will help you get running again.

Damaged Reputation


You built a solid reputation. A natural disaster could change people's perception. Be prepared for anything and protect what you built.

24 Hours 7 Days Support

24 X 7 support

Maintenance One Performance, Inc. is available through the STAR help desk 24-hours a day 7-days a week.

Preparing Your Business for the Disasters of Tomorrow

A business faces many external factors ranging from competition, to changes in the laws, to changes in consumers buying habits. Business owners must keep watch for these events and make strategic plans to operate under the new environment or face extinction. .

Outside of the usual external factors are future events such as power outages, floods, fires, natural disasters, and operating in times of pandemics. Is your business prepared for such events? How will your sales team continue to bring in new business? How will your customer service team continue to respond to customer requests? What about your labor force? How will they fulfill orders?

The answer is not that difficult; however, it does require advanced planning and practice. We all agree that nobody knows the when and the what will happen in the future. The best solution is to be prepared by electronically storing your business records in the cloud where they are offsite, secure, and accessible. In addition, by creating and practicing a disaster recovery plan your team will be prepared to establish an emergency operations of your business.

Since 1996, Maintenance One Performance, Inc. continues to help business owners create disaster recovery plans, update existing plans, and help test recovery plans under different emergency scenarios. We are here to help you gain an understanding of the options available to you as well as the benefits. We want to make sure that when an emergency occurs your business has the ability to open and operate even at minimal levels without the need to re-create the business from the ground up.